Who We Are

We are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that connects the Corporate healthcare providers to achieve a complete cashless facility at Nationwide panels. We work with Insurers and also corporate and allows the healthcare providers to be able to access your latest limits to ensure that there is no access in over utilisation.

With infrastructure in place, it allows the for the exchange of transaction information, and efficiency in seeking treatment at the healthcare sectors such as General Practitioners, Specialist, Hospitals, Insurers and Corporate organisations in a seamless employee benefits program.

Third Party Administrator allows customisations to your compliance and internal processes mapping, resulting in overall stabilisation in cost efficiency over time.

eBen Assist has a team with experiences in the industry and manage the Third Party Administration for corporate and individuals.

This is supported by a team of experienced professionals trained in our core values and focused on developing long term client relationships.

Our in-house medical teams’ and operations to deliver best in class medical claims handling for our clients. Low claims costs and a seamless service in terms of treatment and payment processes are some of the core benefits of our programs.

We offer a unique gateway to a comprehensive worldwide provider network, local know-how, assistance and cost containment for medical insurances and managed healthcare for organisations.

Our Values To Create an Eco-System that Manages the Healthcare of Every Individual.

Our Values We believe in doing the right thing. In the right way. It starts with empowering our people and deeply ingrained into each of us are our core values of:

CARE means that we take responsibility for the end-to-end handling of all our customers, ensuring that at all times, their personal health and safety is given the utmost priority.

INTEGRITY means that in all our interaction with our customers, we strive to be sincere and honest.

PROFESSIONALISM means that we in all our tasks, having the relevant expertise and the persistence to pursue every avenue to assist our customer is at the core of all that we do.

Our People

First and foremost, it’s our people that drives the business.
Day after day, the things that will impress you the most about our team is the care and compassion we bring to our work. We truly take to heart that every call by our client is a call to action for each of us. And how we answer that call is what differentiates us. There’s a spirit here that wants to give more. And that, in turn lets eBen Assist become more.

It’s the pass/fail litmus test. When the unforeseen becomes reality, will your claims service provider rise to the challenge? At eBen, we view Claims Management as the absolute fulfillment of all the promise and potential of the entire insurance industry. We see it as the moment when we’re called to do more than make good. We’re called to go beyond and make it better.

We’ve been answering that call every day. It’s in our DNA to go beyond the expected. We place people right at the heart of our process. The people we serve…and the people of eBen.

We take the responsibility to make better decisions earlier in the life of every claim. To identify and deliver the right resources, at the right time and in the right place.