Cost containment with preferred program

Telemedicine allows the doctor to come to your employees at the comfort of their home. With the current pandemic conditions, it is safer to consider such approaches. With the attending physician monitoring your health, you can be assured that there are no sudden unforeseen health issues that may arise due to symptoms are being neglected.

In the current era, employees need more support than ever, we can help them to find the source or the solutions without having to go through trial and error. The company can sign up for the Employee Assistance (EAP) as a group and allows employees to utilise the facility which is available 24/7 and supported by professionals with integration in the Apps

Preventive screening allows diseases to be detected early in order for the employee to take the necessary precautions and treatment. Do you know that most of the heart attack, diabetes or cancer patients have symptoms as early as 3-5 years before. Therefore, if we can detect them early, there is a chance of not allowing the disease to become life threatening condition. Most screening may be only at the surface, our team of expertise are able to bring to you a personalised package at a fraction of the price of the hospitals.

Many injuries caused in accidents resulted in losses in time at work and most of the time, recovery may not be fully completed before they start work resulting in high volume of sick leave and visitations to hospitals. We are able to support your group in shortening the time of the employee that is required to be back at work after the accident or injuries sustained. This is managed by our inhouse medical therapist using highly efficient medical equipment. Some of the conditions we treat like slip disc, knee weakness, numbness, stroke patients rehabilitation, etc.

We believe implementing incentives to your employees so that they can work with you in managing healthcare costs. We have seen many companies implementing such plans are not only stabilising the medical trends in the long run, but also empowering staff in making decisions that are critical for their healthcare choices.